This Post is designed to help get our customers better more Exciting Free Gifts! Also to help deal with any ordering issues. Please read to the very bottom of this post!

We Want To Give You Even More Free Gifts!

All of our “Free Gifts” have moved to our Telegram Channel for Professional Marking Reasons!

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More General Mangers Notes to Customers!

Our New Winter Hours are now Active!

We are taking orders from 9am to 9pm

Last Call is 9pm!

Delivery Starts from 10am to 11pm!


If you are a new customer and you don’t submit your ID, We are not going to reach out to you to ask you for it, we are just not going to send your order out! 


Our Handel on Telegram to talk to dispatch is.

Are you having Promo Code Problems ?

Let me help you.

Working the codes!

Please make sure you add the advertised product to your shopping cart and then use the code to get the product discounted free, at checkout!

If you do not add the “Promoted Gift” to your Cart, the code will not work!

Also make sure the items you have added to your cart

“not including” the Promoted Gift are equal to the minimum order value, or the code will not work!

The total value of the “Promoted Gift” “should not be!”considered helping to hit the minimum order value!

If you have more questions about how to use the code or if you are having any other problems please message dispatch on Telegram here 


Attention Customers

Public Post to Customers from the General Manger

First and foremost I would like to thank all of our customers who have been coming to us for all these years, we greatly appreciate all of you very much!

We are proud to get you the best most highest quality products for the most affordable price we can provide!

Some changes are coming to the way we do our give aways!

We are going to be beefing up our daily give aways but our special give away menu is going to be posted on our “Telegram Channel” So in order to get these give aways you must be a subscriber to our Telegram Channel!

We are going to be running all of our daily specials on our Telegram Channel so please subscribe to our Channel today, so you can get the free gifts!

Here is the link to our Public Channel where you can get the give away codes!  We are going to have way more Hot Deals on our Telegram Channel so lock in!!!  


Also if you are having a problem with your order and need to talk to someone please message us directly at this telegram link. This link puts you direct with our dispatch so they can help you out! We don’t have a phone number.. We have a Telegram Dispatch account… Our regular phone numbers change frequently so don’t depend on that.. Depend on our Telegram Handel to talk with us! Our eyes are glued to Telegram as a company !

Our Handel on Telegram to talk to dispatch is.

Thanks so much and we look forward to serving you! 

Do you need a job?

We are always looking for new potential drivers to help us do deliveries to all our customers! If you or someone you know is interested in driving for our company, please let us know! 

Must have a Valid Drivers License, Insurance and a car newer then the year “2012”

If you have all of these things, you could be earning hours and tips as you drive for our company! Yes we pay for the gas as well! 

Contact the General Manger on Telegram.

If you don’t have a Telegram account get one!

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