Gelato Strain

Gelato Strain: Info, Growing Conditions, Benefits, and More

There is nothing like delicious, mouthwatering gelato on a hot summer day – an endless mixture of flavors and aromas. But there are also other types of gelato that you can enjoy even in winter, and one of them is the Gelato strain. This sought-after weed strain is a smooth and delicious flower that raises your spirit and offers a creamy smoke and mellow high. 

However, Gelato doesn’t only go by the name related to the sweet Italian delicacy we all love. Consumers also recognize it as “Gelato #33,” a Gelato phenotype better known as Larry Bird

Originating from San Francisco, this legendary strain used for medical and recreational use is on the more potent side. Before visiting any of the dispensaries near me to purchase some, you’ll need to learn some facts about the strain itself. 

Gelato Strain Origin and Genetics

Gelato was first cultivated in North Carolina and is a result of a bundle of genetics. A team composed of the cultivator Mario Guzman, the Sherbinskis family, and the Cookie Family are responsible for its existence. Soon after the creation, the cultivators parted ways, and it remains debatable to this day which one contributed the most towards the Gelato genetics.

Crossing the Sunset Sherbert and the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains led to the creation of this hybrid. It is a mildly Indica-dominant hybrid with lucid, pain-relieving, and psychedelic effects that won’t knock you off your feet and onto the couch. 

The Gelato Strain High Experience

Consumers have reported that the strain’s effect comes on rather boldly and can even be felt right after exhaling. Gelato produces a euphoric high, and users report intense feelings of relaxation and numbness to pain, but at the same time, they remain mentally stimulating and productive. 

The sensory perception becomes more notable as consumers become more sensitive to sound and light. The mental and physical effects are well-balanced, which is why consumers pair it with various activities. Some opt for a lovely, quiet evening watching movies, and others prefer to go out and socialize with their friends. 

Beginners must approach this THC powerhouse cautiously because it is a reasonably potent strain. Discover your THC tolerance tipping point before you go tempering with dosages or consumption – and don’t cross it. 

The Gelato Strain Medical Benefits

Each dispensary near me that sells the Gelato weed knows this strain is popular among both medical and recreational users. This is due to its hybrid genetics and high THC content. Because it combines body and mind high effects, it can relieve pain for various conditions. 

Gelato is hugely beneficial in the treatment of pain. This strain’s numbing effects can provide much-needed relief for migraines, musculoskeletal pain, or inflammation. 

It is advantageous to those suffering from PTSD and anxiety due to the intense and cerebral nature of its high. 

Consumers of this strain start feeling grounded and safe, with negative feelings dissipating over time. Because of this, it’s also effective in treating depression and chronic stress.

Growing and Flowering

The recreational dispensary near me discovered that it’s not easy to find a lot of information on the growing process of this strain. One thing is for sure – there are no seeds commercially available for the Gelato. So, to become a grower, you’ll need to obtain plant trimmings to cultivate clones. 

You can grow this strain indoors and outdoors but note that it is not a top choice for novices. Indoor cultivation can accommodate easily controlled medium-high plants. Outdoor cultivation needs to be done in climates with warm and humid temperatures – we’re talking around 75 degrees F. 

The flowering period is said to be within eight to nine weeks indoors; outdoors, they are ready for harvest in mid-October.


The yields of this plant with delicious and stunning buds are said to be above average. The small and dense buds are accented with dark purple hues, a shiny white coating of crystal resin, and fiery orange hairs. You must expose the plant to colder temperatures just before flowering to achieve the breathtaking purple hue. This is done to stimulate the anthocyanin pigments. The plants are said to grow between 1.2 and 1.8 meters.

Gelato Flavors and Aroma

Gelato has inherited the earthy and herbal goodness from the Thin Mint and the smooth and fruity appeal from the Sunset Sherbert. It has a mellow and pleasing flavor with distinct citrus and berry notes perceived upon inhaling. You can enjoy the sweet and fruity taste and feel the hints of diesel and herbs. 

Gelato Party Time

This daytime and early evening hybrid strain is a great choice when having a gathering with your close friends. Before organizing a Gelato weed party, you must ensure that all invitees are on board and want to try the strain.

Put on some Young Dolf music and pour some Vodka or gin to pair with the flower and meal. For the munchies, you should think along the lines of earthy vegetables and sweet fruit, topping it off with a sweet dessert. 

Where Can I Find a Marijuana Dispensary Near Me?

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