Gorilla Glue Strain

A Profile of the Gorilla Glue Strain

Putting its cultivators on the cannabis map, the Gorilla Glue Strain is a popular potent weed with a full-bodied, immersive smoke. Also known as GG#4 and the Original Glue, this strain is a hybrid known for its balanced ratio of Indica and Sativa.

This pungent strain is heavily packed with crystalline particles and trichomes, offering a fresh and piney flavor. The leaves and hairs poking through the particles give the buds the appearance of a light dusting of winter snow. One sees the immense power this strain projects when handling it. Sticky yet giving, this power strain deserves its popularity. 

Its sour and earthy aroma is quite interesting for consumers, as are its effects. Let’s look deeper into the Gorilla Glue and find out how to find the best dispensary options for you.

Origin of an Award-winning Strain

The Gorilla Glue Strain is the offspring of three strains: the Sativa Chocolate Diesel, the Sativa Chem’s Sister, and the hybrid Sour Dubb. This child inherited the individual distinct aromas of each of the three strains. Their effects create the ideal hybrid strain high – a relaxed and pain-free body alongside an alert, stress-free mind.

In the 2014 High Times Cup in Michigan, the strain earned first place. The same year it came first at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino. Other recognitions – in the coming year – included its selection as one of the High Times’ Strongest Strains on Earth for 2017, whereas at the 2018 Spannabis, it earned the awards for Best Flower and Highest THC. 

The Gorilla Aroma and Flavor

The aroma of Gorilla Glue is flavorsome and pungent, reviving the smells of a cannabis farm. It is a very sticky strain, which explains its strong odor. It contains hints of pine and versatile earthy notes. This cannabis strain portrays its delectable combination through top notes of chocolate and coffee, and the earthy, fresh pine flavor.

The Glue Effects

Gorilla Glue relaxes the body while keeping the mind active and alert, providing feelings of reduced stress. It’s a great social strain for kickbacks and just hanging out that can be used during the day or at night.
Too much of the Gorilla Glue, however, can glue you to the couch. 

Consumers frequently report that the Gorilla Glue strain induces happiness, euphoria, and relaxation. It can also cause occasional dizziness and dehydration. However, marijuana affects people in a variety of ways so it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily feel these effects.

Medical Benefits

If you look for a medical marijuana dispensary near me, it will recommend the Gorilla Glue to those suffering from conditions like gum disease and muscle spasms. Because of the high THC content, it may be useful for people looking to treat conditions like insomnia, pain, anxiety, arthritis, depression, dementia, loss of appetite, PTSD, and OCD, or help with chronic pain.

People suffering from mental illnesses can consume this strain by smoking it in moderate doses.
It’s recommended for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease. But beware that consuming an excessive amount of Gorilla Glue may cause anxiety or additional stress. Knowing your limits is critical to having a beneficial and healing experience.

The Gorilla Glue High Experience

Originating from stinky strains, the Green Glue inherited a specific strong odor. It has a chocolatey and sour flavor, with earthy and diesel undertones. Gorilla Glue is also very potent with a THC percentage ranging between 18% and 30%.

The couch-lock high is commonly paired with the Gorilla Glue but it is capable of offering more sensations.
The high starts a Sativa head trip and progresses to deep body ease. It has a balanced and content sensation, and at the same time offers a stony satisfaction. The high combines relaxation and enjoyment, putting the consumer in a tranquil state while enduring a cerebral high.

Guide to Growing Gorilla Glue

The plant is rather adaptable and can grow both indoors and outdoors. During the vegetative stage, 80 degrees Fahrenheit is considered the strain’s perfect daytime temperature. A pest and disease-resistant plant, it will reward you with more yield if you consider adding CO2 to boost it. 

Healthy growth is promoted by regular pruning and trimming. It is an extremely pungent and sticky plant, so be ready to end up with sticky fingers after handling these buds.

When cultivated outside, it has the potential of becoming tall, somewhere around 80 inches in height. Mid-October is the perfect time for harvesting each plant that will yield up to 21 ounces. If grown indoors, it flowers in 8-9 weeks and yields about 18 ounces per square meter planted.

Gorilla Glue for Your Next High From A Recreational Dispensary Near Me 

The Gorilla Glue weed is still considered to be one of the most potent in the world. This “user beware” strain can reach amazing THC levels of 30% and more. 

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