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How to Make the Most of Your Marijuana Vape Pen

Suppose you are new to cannabis or have been only smoking marijuana. You may have noticed the growing popularity of the marijuana vape pen. You may be wondering why more people choose it over smoking. This article will discuss how the vape pen works and what its advantages are.

If you are already using the vape pen, Green Gorilla will show you how to make the most of it and how to use it safely.

What is a Marijuana Vape Pen?

A marijuana vape pen is named after its pen-like appearance. Nowadays, you may also find some that are short and flat instead. They all work the same. There is a battery, an atomizer, a chamber for the cannabis oil, and a mouthpiece.

Once the pen is activated, the battery heats up the atomizer. This heats up the cannabis oil in the chamber to vaporize it. Then, you simply inhale the vapor on the mouthpiece of a draw-activated pen.

For a push-button pen, you have to click on the button a specified number of times to start it. In some models, you must keep the button pressed while inhaling. Some push-button pens have battery voltage options. Turn the voltage to a higher temperature for a more robust flavor.

Marijuana Vape Pen Types

There are several marijuana vape pen types you can choose from.

You can buy a disposable pen that comes pre-filled with cannabis oil. This comes with its own battery and is ready to use. You can choose the cannabis strain you want. It often comes in various flavors, too.

You can also get a vape pen 510 battery that accepts pre-filled vape cartridges. You retain the battery for long-term use and purchase disposable vape cartridges pre-filled with cannabis oil. They contain more cannabis than disposable pens. You can also choose the strain and flavor you want.

A less popular option is buying a reusable empty cartridge for use with a battery. You can fill up this cartridge yourself with cannabis oil. A reusable cartridge is more durable than a disposable one and is designed for long-term use. This has the best value and is the most sustainable option. However, not everyone wants to go through refilling a cartridge and cleaning it out after it’s all used up.

Advantages of a Marijuana Vape Pen

The marijuana vape pen has several advantages that make it the choice of many.

No Smoke

Smoke contains minuscule solid particles that get into the lungs. Many people want to avoid this for health reasons. Vapor is deemed safer. It also feels smoother on the throat and lungs.

Also, second-hand smoke is a problem when smoking. Other people are affected. Vaping does not have this problem.

Subtle Smell

Some people want the effects of cannabis but do not like its smell. A vape pen releases much less odor than smoking. Also, you can choose disposable pens or cartridges with flavored cannabis oil to further mask the scent.

Discreet Use

Vape pens look similar to regular vaping devices. You can therefore use it in more places without attracting undue attention. This is especially important for people who need medical marijuana.

More Potent

An inhalation from a vape pen gives a more potent dose than a puff from smoking. You get more from less. This also makes the use of a marijuana vape pen more cost-effective.

marijuana vape pen

Best Ways to Use a Marijuana Vape Pen

Here are some ways to maximize the use of a marijuana vape pen and make the battery life last longer.

Inhale Deeply and Hold

You are not getting enough absorption from cannabis vapor if you keep it in your mouth. That means you are wasting precious cannabis oil.

You can only get the most out of the cannabis oil if you draw the vapor deeply into your lungs and hold it there for about five seconds. You should see little to no mist as you exhale if done correctly.

Opt for a Rechargeable Disposable Pen

If you do not finish the content of a disposable vape pen in one go, it may have lost its power before you can use it again. That is a waste of the remaining content.

If you want to use a disposable pen, choose a rechargeable one. You can keep using it to the last drop of its oil content.

Keep the Vape Battery Charged

When you need to use your vape pen, you do not want to see it out of power. When you need immediate relief from pain, you do not want to wait for it to charge.

After each use of the vape pen, immediately recharge the battery until it’s full before putting it away. That will ensure it’s ready to use the next time you need it.

Keep Battery Voltage Low

When you use high voltage in a vape pen with battery voltage options, you increase the risk of the battery overheating. High heat can also waste oil. It is best to keep the battery voltage at the lowest setting.

Store the Vape Battery and Cartridges Properly

Oil can leak into the battery while in storage. That will shorten your battery’s life. For reusable kits, detach the cartridge from the battery before storing it.

Keep the vape battery in its case. Store it away from extreme heat and moisture. Never leave it in the car. Keep it in a dry place with average room temperature. Ensure that cartridges are also stored away from sunlight to prevent the cannabis oil from losing its potency and flavor.

Oil also evaporates in heat, wasting your stash. The temperature must not exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the cartridges upright with the mouthpiece facing up to prevent oil leakage.

Recover Cannabis Oil from Empty Cartridges

When you throw away cartridges after you think you’ve used them up, you may be throwing away part of the cannabis oil you purchased. There is a way for you to ensure that you get every drop — buy a reusable empty cartridge. It will more than pay for itself with all the oil you’ll be saving.

Unscrew the used-up cartridge and tape it to the upper inside of a shot glass upside down. Leave it in a cool and dry place for a few days. You’ll be surprised at how much oil you’ll find.

Draw up the oil into a syringe. Inject the oil slowly into the empty reusable cartridge in a circular manner, aiming at the sides. Set the cartridge aside for the next time you harvest oil from a disposable cartridge. Make sure you keep it upright in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Label the reusable cartridge with its oil content if you use disposable cartridges with different oils and flavors. Prepare separate reusable cartridges for each type of oil.

When you use a filled-up reusable cartridge and finish it, clean it afterward. You want it to be ready for your next leftover oil harvest.

Keep the 510 Connection Clean

Your vape pen battery has a 510 connection with the threading that connects it to the oil cartridge. The battery’s current cannot flow properly to the cartridge if the connection is dirty. The pen can stop working altogether.

Use high-strength isopropyl alcohol on a Q-tip to clean the threading. This will prolong the life of your vape pen.

Safe Use of the Marijuana Vape Pen

Before using a marijuana vape pen, you must always ensure that it provides accurate information on its cannabis content. That will let you know how much you are taking.

Always start with a small dose. When vaping, a small dose means taking one inhalation and then waiting 15 minutes. If you do not feel any effect, you can take another hit. Then, wait 15 minutes between hits. Once you feel the effects, turn off the pen and put it away so you can focus on the feeling.

Adverse effects mainly occur with overuse and when the product is contaminated. So, avoid overuse and make sure every product you use is fresh and high-quality. Buy only from reputable sources.

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