Jack Herer Strain

Jack Herer Strain: Background Info, Uses, Benefits, and Everything In Between

If you’re a weed lover looking for a potent Sativa-dominant strain that’ll allow you to experience a one-of-a-kind sensation, the Jack Herer strain is the one to try. 

Considering how many weed strains exist and are available now – both newer hybrids and some legendary, old-school combos – it’s challenging to make the right pick. Jack Herer is, perhaps, one of the few that don’t stand out due to excessive strength or mind-altering relaxation capabilities. 

Instead, it does so through its unique flavor profile and quirky origin and name. It ties these features with a relatively mild but unforgettable high. Keep reading to find out all there is to know about this strain – including how to get it from a recreational dispensary near me!

What Is the Jack Herer Weed Strain?

The Jack Herer strain, commonly encountered as “Premium Jack,” Platinum Jack,” simply “the Jack,” or JH, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid (55%-45% Sativa-Indica ratio), derived from a hybrid Haze and a mixture of Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights #5. 

It boasts 18%-24% THC content, with 1% CBG and 0% CBD. Its terpenes include caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene, and terpinolene. Based on its taste and effects, you’ll make the most use of it if you consume it during the daytime.

Its manufacturer, Sensi Seeds, has kept its complete origin profile a secret for more than 30 years. Therefore, we can only assume what kind of hybrid Haze is used to create Jack Herer. Nonetheless, Jack Herer is legendary enough to already serve as the basis for many other strains, such as Jack’s Cleaner, Jack Skellington, or the Jack the Ripper strain.

The Uniqueness of Jack Herer – Origin and Naming

The Jack Herer was created sometime during the late 1980s or early 1990s in Amsterdam by a team of Dutch scientists, primarily to market it as a medical strain. It was named after the famous author of the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes (1985), Jack Herer, who also happened to be a passionate fighter for the legalization of marijuana. As such, the Jack Herer weed strain is associated with the resistance against the legal cannabis restriction. 

Growth Information and Physical Profiling

Are you asking yourself: what if there’s no dispensary near me and I have to plant it myself? The Jack Herer is mainly an outdoors strain (preferably in Mediterranean climates) that takes about 50-70 days to flower. 

When it does, it grows tall and slim, with huge and densely packed buds. Its flower has green, elongated leaves with orange and golden hairs and a coating of amber crystal trichomes, making it quite sticky. 

The plant leaves have a deep, dark green color, and its cultivation is usually associated with intermediate-to-expert growers.

How Does the Jack Herer Smell and Taste?

The main characteristic of Jack Herer’s scent is spice, mixed with citrusy undertones and a pine tree aroma. The flavor is earthy and reminiscent of lemon extract, but it also possesses noticeable woody tinges. After smoking it, the principal, strong scent dissolves into a more pleasant, floral taste that lingers on your tongue.

It is not one of the smelliest strains out there, so it’s pretty pleasant to smoke even when you’re reluctant to experience dominating flavors in your mouth. This makes it the ideal daytime strain, as it’s neither as spicy nor too sweet to be denoted as a strictly morning or evening dessert strain.

The Effects of the Jack Herer Strain

The Jack Herer weed strain is known to hit quite fast, immediately making you feel exhilarated and euphoric but not disoriented. It is a strain known to boost focus and creativity, which means you can use it productively and functionally. 

It helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms while also boosting your mood and relaxing you without making you too sleepy or couch-locked. As such, taking the Jack Herer sometime around noon or afternoon is ideal for helping yourself keep up your pace while doing creative work. 

Side Effects

As with every other strain, the Jack Herer can also have uncomfortable aftermath if you overconsume. Its side effects include: 

  • cottonmouth, 
  • red eyes,
  • increased appetite. 

If you didn’t know, cottonmouth refers to dry mouth and lack of saliva caused by overconsumption of weed. Red eyes are a regular occurrence when high, and so is the increased appetite. You may have to lower your dosage if you notice any other unfavorable symptoms.

Try Out The Jack Herer Right Now by Visiting a Marijuana Dispensary Near Me

If this was all the incentive you needed to be interested in trying the Jack Herer weed strain, it’s time to start looking for dispensaries near me that sell it! 

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