Wedding Cake Strain

Wedding Cake Strain: The Vanilla-flavored High You Love

The wedding cake strain may remind you of your favorite cake flavor but it is a strain that gives relaxing and uplifting effects. The reason Seed Junky Genetics, the breeder of the strain, gave this unusual name to the strain is the unmistakable similarity with the smell and taste of cakes that symbolize union and love. 

Traditionally, weddings reminds us of the celebration of love and companionship – and that delicious wedding cake. The union of flavor and potency along with the unmistakable vanilla aroma and aftertaste may bring back memories of the last wedding you attended. 

And now, you can discreetly incorporate this scent into your wedding and everyday life! 

If you have a sweet tooth and a taste for weed, and are on your way to a recreational dispensary near me – get yourself some Wedding Cake weed. But before you do that, read on to find everything there is to know about this mouthwatering strain.

The Wedding Cake Heritage

There is widespread knowledge that the Wedding Cake is a cross between the Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie strains. Seed Junky Genetics reveals that the strain originates from the combination of the male Animal Mints and the female Triangle Kush. 

Also known as the Pink Cookie, this strain with a trichome frosting layer has become one of the dominant and most popular cannabis strains. Some say the two are different strains, while others insist they are actually the same. Besides the confusion of the name or the breed crossings, the Wedding Cake is a potent strain with a flavor that consumers describe as creamy and sweet. 

The Wedding Cake Experience

The high from the Wedding Cake begins with a cerebral rush and the consumer feels a burst of mental energy. The initial effect of the strain may shift the consumer’s perception of the outside world. Consumers notice a rise in sensitivity and awareness of what is happening around them.

Despite the intense high it provides, consumers maintain their focus and can still carry on with their tasks without major interruptions. The strain motivates users to take initiative and work on creative projects and complete tasks they were previously neglecting. 

With a 60:40 Indica to Sativa ratio, this Indica-dominant hybrid also increases the sensation of calmness, warmth, and body decompression.

Creating the Wedding Cake

A fairly high-maintenance strain, the Wedding Cake is intended for intermediate and more experienced growers. If you’re looking to grow it from dispensaries near me, you’ll find that the strain requires rather specific conditions to thrive because it is susceptible to mold. 

The Sea of Green growing method is recommended for this strain because its growth is short and widespread.

The strain can be bred both indoors and outdoors with some minor difference in the yield. If grown outside, the plant can yield at least 21 ounces per plant, while indoor grown plants yield 18 to 21 ounces per square meter at harvest. 

Growers can expect the plant to flower within 7 to 9 weeks and the harvest time for the outdoor grown plant is somewhere in late October. 

The dark green buds have amber-toned pistils and are filled with resin. 

Medical Benefits of the Wedding Cake Strain

The strain’s perception-altering properties allow consumers to deal with feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. The strain is known for its mood-boosting effects which might be useful for those suffering from mood disorders.

The wedding cake strain offers physical relaxation and has pain relieving properties that make it a great choice for those dealing with arthritis, cramping, joint or chronic pains. The sedative powers of the strain is what makes it a leading choice among those who suffer from insomnia.

One downside to the wedding cake plant is that it may cause feelings of panic or anxiety because it is very rich in THC. Word from the wise consumer, smoke it moderately and responsibly. 

The Wedding Cake Effects

With around 25% THC, this plant is considered highly potent and it is not recommended for novice users. It offers a euphoric high that can be very strong at the beginning and helps the user relax in a short while. This relaxed state can bring heaviness and waves of warmth.

The strain stimulates the mind and puts users in an uplifting mood, allowing them to be creative, expressive or even do some light exercises. 

In some cases, consumers have reported that Wedding Cake causes dry eyes and mouth, and in some cases – if taken inappropriately – it can lead to anxiety and dizziness. 

Mouthwatering Flavor and Aroma

The sweetness of the vanilla scent is how the strain got its name in the first place. Maybe the aroma and flavor are not precisely what you’d get from a real wedding cake but you won’t be disappointed since the sweet notes are nicely complemented with hints of pepper and earth.

The initial inhale offers a peppery taste, followed by the robust earthy flavor and vanilla sweet notes that hit you on the first exhale. This leaves a pleasantly sweet aftertaste that many consumers find satisfying.

From a Dispensary Near Me: The Winner Among Wedding Cakes

The intensive high as a result of the high THC levels are the reason why this strain is a frequent choice among users. Physical and mental relaxation is what they are seeking to free themselves from aches and problems. And for those watching their weight, the strain is a great alternative to enjoying a ln elevated piece of wedding cake.

Consumers in Maryland can visit Green Gorilla, a reliable medical marijuana dispensary near me, and find a selection of high-quality cannabis for every preference. If the Wedding Cake is too strong for your taste, you can always choose a strain from the wide selection that best fits your preferences. 

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