The Lilac Diesel Strain A Perfectly Balanced Strain for a Perfectly Balanced Day

The Lilac Diesel Strain: A Perfectly Balanced Strain for a Perfectly Balanced Day

Sometimes, a strain that’s equally Sativa and Indica-dominant, like the lilac diesel strain, is the key to striking the perfect balance of being high yet wholly relaxed. This weed strain will enrich your life thanks to its pain-relieving properties yet won’t get you too baked and render you couch-locked.

Many enthusiastic cannabis consumers don’t have the time or luxury to get high out of their minds for more extended periods. For many, smoking weed is all about convenience and utility. However, finding a strain that ticks all the boxes, still manages to give me that sought-after pleasure, and is available in a recreational dispensary near me is like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

Thankfully, that’s what the lilac diesel weed strain precisely delivers! Keep reading and find out whether its properties are up your alley.

What Is the Lilac Diesel Weed Strain?

The lilac diesel is a hybrid strain created and modified by Ethos Genetics. It is an Indica-Sativa combination with a 50%-50% ratio and an average THC content of 21%. 

Breeders achieve this strain through a double hybrid process, combining Silver Lemon Haze and Forbidden Fruit on the one hand with Citral Glue and NY Cherry Pie on the other. 

The purpose of this careful mixing is to create a strain that’s both pleasant to the eye, mild, and flavorful while also boasting moderate effects that are as pleasurable as they are practical. 

Time has shown that most users who’ve tried it have immediately placed it among their favorites. That’s because it manages to bring in the best of all worlds when it comes to the whole experience of ingesting cannabis.

Growing Information and Physical Description

What if I can’t find lilac diesel in any dispensaries near me? You can cultivate it at home – but growing this weed strain can be challenging for home breeders for many reasons. 

One has to consider how controlled the conditions for the growth of the lilac diesel weed strain need to be and its aggressive and quite unusual composition compared to other breeds. 

It’s mainly an indoor strain that takes between 40 and 65 days to flower and flourishes best in multiple batches.

Its appearance stands out as having rather big buds with tiny dark green nugs, orange pistons, and dark hairs. What makes it stand out – and grants it its name – are the noticeable lilac tinges and its coating of lilac crystal trichomes. 

How Does Lilac Diesel Smell and Taste?

Simply crumbling a tiny portion of the bud will prompt it to release its potent floral aroma, which provides a mixture of sweet, cherry, berry, spice, and diesel notes. Its fragrance shines even more so when it’s smoked and perfectly complements the moderate and restrained flavor. 

The flavor is sweet and earthy, containing a combination of multiple terpenes, berries, pine, chem, citrus, lavender, and cherries. 

It is considered an afternoon strain, partly due to its effects but also largely due to its light flavor, which doesn’t quite capture the potency of evening strains. However, it is much sweeter than some upbeat, almost unpleasant morning strains.

The Effects of Lilac Diesel

The lilac diesel’s effects make it stand out, as they produce an uplifting, grounded, and very high-focus high, which is the epitome of functionality and productivity. 

Instead of lulling you to sleep or giving you bouts of overwhelming energy, the lilac diesel high will help you maintain a talkative and upbeat mood. You’ll feel relaxed and prepared to deal with whatever the day throws at you. Moderate euphoria would be the best way to describe it. 

It doesn’t affect memory in the same way some other strains do. In addition, it brings out the best in creative people during their artistic endeavors, helping them advance significantly in their projects. 

Moreover, this strain is beneficial for combating anxiety and depression and can help significantly with daytime stress.

A Perfectly Balanced Composition Can Bring Balance to Your Mood and Your Entire Day

From here, it is easy to conclude why it is known as one of the most well-balanced strains out there. 

It isn’t just its composition that’s balanced in terms of THC content, Indica-Sativa percentage, and terpenes (caryophyllene, ocimene, and terpinolene). Its effects and taste are also equally regulated. 

It won’t get you too high, and it won’t get your mind running wild. However, it also won’t get you so relaxed that it renders you unproductive. 

It’s ideal for the middle of the day and is as versatile as a strain could be. Plus, it boasts quality and potency you won’t be able to find in many other weed breeds.

Get The Lilac Diesel Strain From a Marijuana Dispensary Near Me

Because of all the benefits we listed, many people would be interested in getting their hands on some of this laboratory-designed, industrially-crafted, unique strain. 

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