Girl Scout Cookies Strain

The Secret Popularity of the Girl Scout Cookies Strain

With THC content of up to 28%, it’s hardly surprising that the girl scout cookies strain has remained ever-popular. Some strains have been around for a very long time and are still as hot as ever, and the girl scout cookies is one of them. Not only has it been around for a while, but it serves as the basis of countless other strains which have relied on its potency to deliver a truly sensational high.

Wondering why girl scout cookies are so resilient to the effects of time? Looking for a dispensary near me that carries this strain? Here’s what to know about the girl scout cookies strain. 

What is the Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

The girl scout cookies strain is a hybrid strain derived from OG Kush and Durban Poison. It can be encountered under other names as well – GSC, Berner Cookies, or Berner’s Cookies, named after the eponymous rapper. It is an Indica-dominant strain, with an Indica-Sativa ratio of 60%-40%. 

Since it predominantly contains delta-9 THC and only modest amounts of CBD, it’s known as a potent strain that causes several simultaneous and successive effects. At the same time, it prioritizes an exhilarating high to remember for a long while. Appearance-wise, the girl scout cookies buds look greenish-purple, with yellow and bright orange protrusions.

Can You Grow Girl Scout Cookies Strain at Home?

Good news for when there aren’t any recreational dispensaries near me! According to various reports, girl scout cookies are almost ideal for home growing, which makes them quite convenient to cultivate. When grown indoors, girl scout cookies can take up to 70 days to flower. The strain requires regular maintenance, tracking and pruning, along with solid positioning that will allow it to receive plenty of sunlight.

Outdoor growing requires similar conditions, with the exception of those living in the Southern Hemisphere who will need to adjust harvest time to around mid-April. In the Northern Hemisphere, cultivators will have to prepare for harvest sometime around mid-October.

Still, finding dispensaries near me is the most convenient way to enjoy this particular strain. 

What Does Girl Scout Cookies Taste and Smell Like?

Regardless of its growing and harvesting convenience, the main aspects that make GSC so popular are its flavor, taste and effects. When it comes to flavor and smell, the girl scout cookies strain is sweetish-sour, with prominent mint tones and a strong trace of lemon. The lemon and mint are complemented by sweet berry and cherry tones, a bit of spice and earthy aromas.

The taste and smell of this particular strain depends on the conditions it was grown under. Generally, its aromas are more pungent or subdued on the basis of various external factors. It is known as the perfect dessert strain, ideally ingested after dinner, in order to help you unwind.

The Effects of the Girl Scout Cookies Strain

The effects of GSC are definitely what it’s best known for. The amount of THC it possesses can vary between 18% and 28%, making it one of the strongest strains of its kind. Consider that it usually contains about 1% of both CBD and CBN. 

Upon consumption, it evokes feelings of strong euphoria and giddiness, before giving you a profound body high that will lock you down to your bed, enjoying your blissful state. It provokes strong hunger and is known to alleviate symptoms of nausea, anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia. As such, it can be taken both recreationally and purposefully – so you can calm down before bed and lull yourself to sleep easily.

GSC can be extremely relaxing, while also offering a pretty potent high, which makes it less than an ideal alternative for weed novices, who may be overwhelmed by the strong effects of this strain.

Why is the Girl Scout Cookies Strain So Popular?

Bearing all factors in mind, it’s logical why this strain has remained popular for so long. On one hand, it serves as the basis for a number of other hybrid strains. On the other, it combines both Indica and Sativa and contains traces of CBD and CBN, in addition to a healthy percentage of delta-9 THC. It’s incredibly strong, too, and has both relaxing and euphoric effects. While it is not the most ideal beginner strain to consume, for moderate newbies and experienced smokers, it is a delight to explore. 

To top this off, it’s delicious and suitable as a “midnight snack”, while also being rather easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, making it quite practical to plant and maintain. Truly a legendary strain.

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