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Marijuana Seeds: 5 Things To Consider Before Growing

Marijuana growers take great pride in their plants, and for a good reason — it takes a lot of effort to turn a seed into a lush plant. Although every weed grower will have different things to say about growing marijuana, all of them would probably agree on one thing: it all starts with marijuana seeds

From the look and feel of the seed to the germination process, marijuana seeds take time, patience, and proper conditions for them to grow the right way.

For all the weed aficionados looking to grow their own pot, stick around to discover the five most important aspects to keep in mind. And while on the subject, you’re probably wondering, Is there a weed dispensary near me?which we’ll discuss later on.

Marijuana Seeds: Appearance and Feel

The general look and feel of cannabis seeds will give you the gist of the seed’s quality. It’s the simplest way of assessing the quality of the seed. While selecting marijuana seeds for growing, the first and foremost thing to remember is to spot the color of the seed’s outer shell. The healthier and more genetically potent marijuana seeds will come in darker shades.

Also, cannabis seeds that are whitish-green in color are usually immature, young seeds that are not good for growing. They will most likely not germinate, and you’ll be only wasting your time and effort.

The Good and The Bad 

If you come across greyish, dark seeds with random tiger-like stripes, you have found yourself premium marijuana seeds. Also, if you expose the seed to bright light and its shell looks like it’s been layered with wax, you can be sure you’re looking at a healthy seed.

Another tip that will help you differentiate the good from the bad marijuana seeds is to see whether the grain will bend or break when squeezed between your index finger and thumb. If the seed easily crumbles or cracks open, you are probably looking at poor-quality seeds. 

Testing Marijuana Seeds

Aspiring pot growers who are uncertain of their seeds’ quality can use a simple test known as the “float test” to determine the grade of the seed. The float test is easy to perform — all you need is a glass of water. To start, fill a glass with water and place the seed inside. If it floats, you have a poor-quality seed on your hands; if it sinks to the bottom, you’re looking at a healthy, quality marijuana seed.

For weed buffs wondering, “Is there a recreational dispensary near me?” looking to purchase high-quality marijuana seeds, it’s best to visit some of the finest weed shops in your area and get served.

Adequate Sourcing of Seeds

Finding the right marijuana seeds can be made easy if you know where to look. Experienced pot growers know that visiting a trustworthy seed bank is the right thing to do. These seed banks will usually have a positive track record of breeding and many satisfied customers.

Don’t forget to check for states in the US that have legalized the use of marijuana so that you don’t end up in trouble with the law. Other than seed banks, state-approved dispensaries are also allowed to sell marijuana seeds.

For those wondering, “Is there a marijuana dispensary near me?” check your local weed dispensaries and find the one that works for you.

Marijuana Seeds From a Bag Are a No-No

If you find some seeds in your pot bag, it doesn’t mean you’ve hit the jackpot and can start growing your own pot. On the contrary, those seeds are considered “bad apples” in marijuana seeds for many reasons — like the fact that the pot grower made a mistake and included a male plant to pollinate the female ones. Such a mistake leads the pollinated female plants to only produce seeds and halts the production of resin that contains THC

Plus, the unnecessary seeds in your cannabis bag add to the weight, so you’ve probably overpaid for your pot and ended up with less marijuana.

Germinating the Seeds

Marijuana seeds germination refers to the process of growing a seed. When it comes to marijuana seeds, germination is the most suitable way to determine the seeds’ genetic properties. The germination process begins with planting the seed in the soil. Marijuana seeds won’t take long to sprout, so you’ll see some results shortly. 

In general, germination is the best option for home growers that have time and suitable conditions at their disposal. On the other hand, retail growers might not find this approach cost-efficient and worthwhile.

Are There Dispensaries Near Me

If you’re a Maryland resident, you can check out some of the 82 state-approved weed dispensaries and get your batch of medicinal marijuana when you need it. If you’re looking for marijuana seeds, check with your local stores for a suggestion, and don’t forget to bring cash.

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