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Sundae Driver Strain: Description, Flavor, and Effects

Most weed strains tend to do one more than the other, yet some rare few can strike both simultaneously. This is where the Sundae Driver strain comes into play. Interestingly tasty and with intermediate potency, Sundae Driver strikes a perfect balance between uplifting euphoria and calming relaxation.

There are countless different reasons why people smoke weed. Still, if we’d have to generalize, the main two usually are to become more energetic and social or to be able to relax and relieve symptoms of chronic pain or mental illness.

If this piques your interest and makes you wonder, “Can I find Sundae Driver in a recreational dispensary near me?” just keep reading! We’ll cover everything that interests you and more!

What is the Sundae Driver Strain of Weed?

Interestingly, the Sundae Driver strain is an almost perfectly balanced hybrid of Indica and Sativa, with a ratio of 50%-50%. Its parent strains are the Fruity Pebbles OG Strain (FPOG) and the Grape Pie Strain. Its THC levels vary greatly, going anywhere between 14% and 24%, even though the lower percentages are far more common.

It’s sweet and tasty, with some unique flavors mixed in, and it’s a perfect after-dinner “dessert” Strain, especially if you’re planning to hang out with some friends before heading off to bed. This is mainly due to the somewhat restrained amount of THC and the Indica-Sativa balance, allowing its effects to manifest a bit of everything usually expected from marijuana. It truly brings the best of all worlds.

Chemical Compounds, Appearance, Parentage, and Growing Tips

A cross from two famous and reputable hybrids, the FPOG and the Grape Pie Strain, Sundae Driver boasts cannabinoid levels of around 20% when it comes to THC and THC-A, but almost no CBD levels whatsoever, although in some cases, up to 5% of CBD has been reported. 

The most potent terpenes are ꞵ-Caryophyllene, at 0.69%, Limonene at 0.6%, Linalool at 0.22%, α-Humulene at 0.18%, and α-Pinene at 0.1%. Appearance-wise, the buds are in the shape of grapes, bright green and olive green, with vibrant purple sections, bright orange protrusions, tinges of red and blue, and numerous crystal trichomes. 

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but the outdoor variant is recommended. It takes about 7-10 weeks for the flowers to appear. However, the seeds themselves are rather difficult to find on the market, making us consider the Sundae Driver strain exotic.


What Kind of Flavor Does the Sundae Driver Strain Have?

The flavor is one of this strain’s most seductive and recognizable aspects, as it combines various fan-favorite tastes and smells to arrive at an almost perfect mixture of delicious sensations. To start with, it’s sweet and creamy, with allusions to sugary fruits like grapes, and candy. It has a hint of earthiness and a bit of vanilla, too.

What sets it apart, though, is the fragrant, deep, rich, bitter chocolate taste that rounds the whole thing out, turning a regular sweet weed strain into an instant classic. Once your taste buds have tasted this dessert mixture, ideal as an after-dinner snack, the first effect will already have started to appear.

All Sundae Driver Strain Effects: Listed and Explained

The effects are mainly what draws marijuana users to the Sundae Driver strain, to begin with, as it delivers equally for both medicinal and recreative users. The first effects are cerebral but won’t knock you out as strongly as other strains would. Instead, after relaxing you a bit, they’ll make you feel euphoric, giddy, and happy, putting you in a talkative and active mood.

At this point, it would be great to enjoy the company of some friends while chilling around. However, after a short while, the more relaxing effects will kick in, slowly making you feel increasingly mellow, preparing you for a long bout of quality sleep.

Recommended Usage Tips

These characteristics make Sundae Driver ideal for people with PTSD, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It’s a textbook mood booster, with some additional sedating effects added to the mix. For this reason, both recreational and medical users might greatly appreciate it. Just indulge in some sundae at the beginning of your evening to lighten up the mood before sleeping the night away.

Maryland Dispensaries Near Me Where I Can Get Sundae Driver Strain

“Is there a marijuana dispensary near me where I could get my hands on some Sundae Driver?” is probably what you’re wondering right now, and we’re happy to answer your question. So long as you’re stationed in Maryland, you can simply order your preferred batch of Sundae Driver or any other strain from our online shop! Make your choice, and you’ll get it delivered to your door. 

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