Bruce Banner Strain: Meet the Hulk Among Strains

The Bruce Banner strain is inspired by the Incredible Hulk’s alter ego for many reasons. The name symbolizes the high THC levels and intoxicating effects, delivering an energetic and racy high followed by a mellow finish. 

It might seem like it will transform you into an agitated green-colored monster, but it is more likely that this hybrid will put you in a smiling, energized, and creative mode. For those dealing with pain, depression, or anxiety, the high THC level can help them deal with the condition. 

You may feel tempted to try what the Bruce Banner strain can do for you and wonder, “Can I find it in dispensaries near me?”. Read on to get the latest scoop on the potent powers of the weed strain.

Bruce Banner Strain at a Glance

Created by combining Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, the Bruce Banner strain has three prominent phenotypes packed with about 27% THC and only 1% CBD. Unlike its inspiring superhero, the strain won’t give you an adrenaline rush but an energized and uplifted spirit full of life. 

The Bruce Banner strain is a hybrid strain consisting of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, creating a well-balanced strain with benefits from both varieties. Due to its high THC levels, the weed strain is considered one of the most potent cannabis strains on the market. 

The most popular use of the Bruce Banner strain is for tension relief. This potent strain can help alleviate headaches and body pain in general. Plus, it can aid in many mental conditions, including anxiety.

Growing the Strain

Expert growers classify it as a strain moderately challenging to grow but highly resistant to diseases. A short and bushy weed breed, its magenta-colored leaves nicely contrast the red pistils and bright green buds that tend to have a solid and lingering smell. 

The Bruce Banner strain can be grown indoors and outdoors. It is ideal for using either the Screen of Green or Sea of Green growing methods.

If you are looking for a good way to increase the budding, simply remove the large fan leaves and provide the buds with more energy. Don’t overdo it, though! The plant depends on those leaves for energy, so only remove what’s necessary. 

Bruce Banner Strain Flowering and Yield

The brassy orange pistils and leaves show a healthy and alive strain that produces more yields than the typical OG Kush. Come October, and you will enjoy the view of the vibrant green leaves. It is also a great time to harvest the heavily frosted plant. 

The Bruce Banner strain breed loves the outdoors. It is ideal for cultivation in hot and dry climates and can reward you with up to 35 ounces per plant. 

The inside yield is not as remarkable as the outdoor yield, but you may still get around 21 ounces. The strain is an excellent choice for experienced growers due to the number of yields.

Find the Strain from a Recreational Dispensary Near Me

Veteran users can easily recognize the strong, spicy aroma of the Bruce Banner strain. The cross-breeding between the OG Kush and the Strawberry Diesel is responsible for the fresh strawberry scent mixed with a solid diesel hint. 

This sweet-smelling hybrid strain hangs in the air and will not disappoint when it comes to taste. Once the smell of the fragrant flower touches the smell senses, you’ll know exactly what to expect concerning taste. 

It has a potent citrus taste, combined with fresh wild berries. It also boasts an earthy taste, but we also cannot forget the lingering berry flavor. 

Using the Bruce Banner Weed Strain

The answer is yes for those wondering, “Is there a dispensary near me for pain and stress relief?”. When in pain or feeling anxious, the Bruce Banner strain can be a good remedy. 

This strain helps with many conditions, including:

  • Chronic stress;
  • Chronic pain;
  • Physical stress and discomfort;
  • Migraines;
  • Fatigue;
  • Depression;
  • Sadness;
  • Anxiety.

It is recommended that smokers use the Bruce Banner strain in small doses and very cautiously. It has strong and swiftly emerging effects and provides a relaxed body high. Users tend to experience feelings of being happy, creative, and mellow, but it can also manifest as dry mouth and dizziness. 

Pairing the Strain

The strain is said to go well with funk music due to its effects on the body and mind. If organizing a Bruce Banner weed party, you may want to look into food and drinks that blend well with the strain.

Nachos, barbeque, and anything spicy ideally complement the Bruce Banner weed strain. Combine these mouthwatering snacks with a few cocktails on the sweet side, and you’ll have the party of a lifetime. 

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Marijuana Seeds: 5 Things To Consider Before Growing

Marijuana growers take great pride in their plants, and for a good reason — it takes a lot of effort to turn a seed into a lush plant. Although every weed grower will have different things to say about growing marijuana, all of them would probably agree on one thing: it all starts with marijuana seeds

From the look and feel of the seed to the germination process, marijuana seeds take time, patience, and proper conditions for them to grow the right way.

For all the weed aficionados looking to grow their own pot, stick around to discover the five most important aspects to keep in mind. And while on the subject, you’re probably wondering, Is there a weed dispensary near me?which we’ll discuss later on.

Marijuana Seeds: Appearance and Feel

The general look and feel of cannabis seeds will give you the gist of the seed’s quality. It’s the simplest way of assessing the quality of the seed. While selecting marijuana seeds for growing, the first and foremost thing to remember is to spot the color of the seed’s outer shell. The healthier and more genetically potent marijuana seeds will come in darker shades.

Also, cannabis seeds that are whitish-green in color are usually immature, young seeds that are not good for growing. They will most likely not germinate, and you’ll be only wasting your time and effort.

The Good and The Bad 

If you come across greyish, dark seeds with random tiger-like stripes, you have found yourself premium marijuana seeds. Also, if you expose the seed to bright light and its shell looks like it’s been layered with wax, you can be sure you’re looking at a healthy seed.

Another tip that will help you differentiate the good from the bad marijuana seeds is to see whether the grain will bend or break when squeezed between your index finger and thumb. If the seed easily crumbles or cracks open, you are probably looking at poor-quality seeds. 

Testing Marijuana Seeds

Aspiring pot growers who are uncertain of their seeds’ quality can use a simple test known as the “float test” to determine the grade of the seed. The float test is easy to perform — all you need is a glass of water. To start, fill a glass with water and place the seed inside. If it floats, you have a poor-quality seed on your hands; if it sinks to the bottom, you’re looking at a healthy, quality marijuana seed.

For weed buffs wondering, “Is there a recreational dispensary near me?” looking to purchase high-quality marijuana seeds, it’s best to visit some of the finest weed shops in your area and get served.

Adequate Sourcing of Seeds

Finding the right marijuana seeds can be made easy if you know where to look. Experienced pot growers know that visiting a trustworthy seed bank is the right thing to do. These seed banks will usually have a positive track record of breeding and many satisfied customers.

Don’t forget to check for states in the US that have legalized the use of marijuana so that you don’t end up in trouble with the law. Other than seed banks, state-approved dispensaries are also allowed to sell marijuana seeds.

For those wondering, “Is there a marijuana dispensary near me?” check your local weed dispensaries and find the one that works for you.

Marijuana Seeds From a Bag Are a No-No

If you find some seeds in your pot bag, it doesn’t mean you’ve hit the jackpot and can start growing your own pot. On the contrary, those seeds are considered “bad apples” in marijuana seeds for many reasons — like the fact that the pot grower made a mistake and included a male plant to pollinate the female ones. Such a mistake leads the pollinated female plants to only produce seeds and halts the production of resin that contains THC

Plus, the unnecessary seeds in your cannabis bag add to the weight, so you’ve probably overpaid for your pot and ended up with less marijuana.

Germinating the Seeds

Marijuana seeds germination refers to the process of growing a seed. When it comes to marijuana seeds, germination is the most suitable way to determine the seeds’ genetic properties. The germination process begins with planting the seed in the soil. Marijuana seeds won’t take long to sprout, so you’ll see some results shortly. 

In general, germination is the best option for home growers that have time and suitable conditions at their disposal. On the other hand, retail growers might not find this approach cost-efficient and worthwhile.

Are There Dispensaries Near Me

If you’re a Maryland resident, you can check out some of the 82 state-approved weed dispensaries and get your batch of medicinal marijuana when you need it. If you’re looking for marijuana seeds, check with your local stores for a suggestion, and don’t forget to bring cash.

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From Indica to Sativa: A Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana Strains

Green Gorilla shares everything you need to know about marijuana strains, from content to uses, and tips on choosing the right strain for you.

A 2018 study found out that American adults are more inclined to use cannabis on a daily basis, while teenagers use cannabis less than usual. By 2022, the cannabis industry is projected to be worth $25 billion. And by the end of this year, it is expected to hit $33 billion.

But, just like you wouldn’t walk into a car shop and buy the first car you see, you shouldn’t walk into a cannabis store and resort to the first strain at your disposal.

Cannabis buds might seem similar to one another, but various sub-species and varieties are available on the market. If you are new to the cannabis world and want to learn the basics, we have you covered.

What are Marijuana Strains?

Marijuana strains represent different types of cannabis plants, divided by their main characteristics, effects, and growing techniques.

Like other plants, marijuana is bred by botanists as genetically evolved and cross-pollinated. Marijuana strains name are formed uniquely depending on the terpene and cannabinoid profile.

Suppose you have already tried marijuana or read extensively about it. In that case, you are most likely familiar with the key types of marijuana strains out there: sativa, indica, and hybrid, all of which boast different effects, have different production methods, and look different as well.

Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid

Indica is known for its excitable and bubbly effect, whereas sativa has more mellowing and relaxing effects. Still, keep in mind that each individual reacts differently to each marijuana strain. Therefore, it is wise to learn as much as possible about the different effects of marijuana strains and their proper dosages.

Many people struggle to distinguish the main subspecies, or hybrids, indica, and sativa, and think of them as separate species. However, it is hard to recognize the specific cannabis type by just looking at its branching, height, and leaf appearance. Experts claim that the only way to check out the chemical composition is by analyzing the biochemical assay.

cannabis indoor plantation

How to Choose the Best Strain?

It all depends on the effect you desire to achieve. Cannabis is not only used for recreational purposes; many people use it for medical purposes and claim that some strains are better than others for treating specific conditions.

To treat a medical condition, consult your doctor before trying any marijuana strain. Your doctor will check your medical history and recommend you a specific cannabis strain with the appropriate amount of THC and CBD according to your wellness performance.

Even if you are looking for a marijuana strain for recreational purposes, you should do good research on the options at hand to avoid side effects such as dry eyes and mouth and dizziness, and instead, enjoy the desired effect.

Let’s have a look at the main strains you can choose from and why you’d want to go for each option.


Marijuana plants contain many chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These natural components might bring positive and negative effects.

The main components in cannabinoids are as follow:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be classified as the primary psychoactive compound responsible for the state of euphoria. Since growers are trying to create many hybrids, the THC content in these products may vary.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-euphoric compound that does not cause a stimulating effect; it also reduces seizures, migraines, pain, and nausea.
  • Cannabinol (CBN) eases the symptoms of some neurological health issues like seizures, epilepsy, and uncontrolled muscle stiffness.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA) is similar to THC, and very often, it is used to reduce signs of autoimmune diseases and arthritis and Parkinson’s disease, and ALS.
  • Cannabigerol (CBG) is said to help with reducing symptoms of anxiety, OCD, depression, and post-traumatic stress.


Are you wondering what causes the plant’s smell? Terpenes naturally affect the smell of marijuana, but they can also impact the specific strain.

The most common terpenes include:

  • Bisabolol
  • Caryophyllene
  • Linalool
  • Myrcene
  • Ocimene
  • Pinene
  • Terpinolene
  • Limonene
  • Humulene
  • Eucalyptol

Believe it or not, just the smell of a good marijuana strain can improve your mood and relax you. From floral to fuel smells, terpenes have a major role in making any weed strain taste good.


What most researchers and users are focused on is the level of THC and CBD that marijuana provides. THC and CBD are both cannabinoids but have quite different effects on the body since they target different brain areas.


Those who use higher THC weed products may experience psychoactive effects, euphoria, and sensitivity to taste and color. On the other side, paranoia and anxiety are some of the side effects of products with a higher THC content. Consume them in moderation.

THC may come in a variety of forms:

  • Smokable products
  • Tinctures
  • Oils
  • Capsules
  • Edibles, such as brownies


Opposite THC, CBD is a psychoactive compound that reduces anxiety, improves nausea, vomiting, or pain, and is non-intoxicating. CBD has many positive physiological effects on conditions like opioid addiction and schizophrenia, but it still needs to be further researched in the medical field.

CBD is available in the following forms:

  • Gels
  • Gummies
  • Supplements
  • Oils

The FDA Stamp of Approval

The FDA has approved the following cannabis-related products used for medical purposes:

  • THC synthetic medication for treating anorexia due to AIDS
  • Synthetic cannabis product for treating vomiting and nausea due to chemotherapy
  • Cannabis-derived CBD for children that suffer from seizures.

cannabis plants indoor

Sativa vs. Indica

Sativa and indica are the two main cannabis strains classified based on various characteristics. They differ in both appearance and ingredients.

Depending on their physical traits, cannabis indica plants are shorter and have dark green and broad leaves. Meanwhile, cannabis sativa is a much taller plant with thin and pale green leaves.

If your goal is to achieve a more relaxed high effect, cannabis indica is the right choice for you, although the strain is believed to contain a high level of THC. Meanwhile, sativa will give you a more energetic and exciting experience.

The components of the sativa and indica weed strains also differ from each other.

Be cautious of such generalizations since each individual may react differently to different strains. If you are not sure about the ingredients of the cannabis product, analyze the biochemical assay that the manufacturer provides.

Beware of the following cannabis components that cause psychoactive effects, as well as sedation:

  • Myrcene
  • Alpha-pinene
  • Linalool
  • Limonene

Here’s a deeper look into the differences between sativa and indica weed strains.

Sativa Origins

Sativa strains require dry, hot climates and sunny days. So, sativa is primarily found in Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Western Asia. These cannabis plants can grow up to 12 feet and have finger-like leaves. Compared to cannabis indica, they may take longer to mature.

Sativa THC vs. CBD Content

Regular cannabis consumers often compare the CBD and THC ratio. In general, sativa has high doses of THC and low doses of CBD compared to indica. The high THC level can reduce anxiety and gives energy. Therefore, sativa may wake up your creativity and productivity and reduce the lethargic mood you may have. You can use sativa in the daytime even if your daily activities require physical activity or a high level of social interactions.

Sativa Effects

Cannabis sativa strains may have the following effects:

  • Energizing
  • Uplifting
  • Increased creativity
  • Mind-expanding
  • Sharper focus

Regarding these effects, cannabis sativa users may take it to treat the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD

Before you try to use sativa for medical purposes, bear in mind that cannabis for medical purposes still requires further research.

Indica Origins

Cannabis indica originates from Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. These plants do well in this dry, harsh, and turbulent climate. The main characteristics of the indica are stocky and short plants, chunky leaves, and bushy greenery.

Indica THC vs. CBD Content

Compared to sativa, indica grows fast and produces more buds. Also, the level of CBD is higher, but the THC level is more or less the same.

Indica Effects

Cannabis consumers that look for intensive relaxing effects should go with indica. Additionally, this cannabis strain can be used as a pain reducer, it can help with nausea, and it could significantly increase the appetite. Since indica has a relaxing effect, we recommend that users consume it during the night so that it wouldn’t affect their productivity.

Effects associated with indica strains:

  • Relaxing
  • Sedating
  • Appetite-inducing
  • Pain-relieving
  • Nausea-soothing

Side Effects and Risks of Cannabis Strains

Although cannabis is often used for medical purposes and has a significant effect on improving the general health, there are some possible side effects, including:

  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Lethargy
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate

These effects are mostly connected with the level of THC. Still, any cannabis plant may produce some side effects depending on the method of use and individual tolerance.

Vaping and smoking cannabis may cause slight irritation on the airways and lungs, leading to respiratory and coughing problems. However, gummies and cookies will less likely cause any respiratory issues.

marijuana strains

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Strain?

Different marijuana strains affect you in different ways. So before you start looking around for marijuana products, it’s important for you to narrow down what you’ll use the product for and what effects you want to achieve.

To make a more informed decision and choose the right marijuana strains for you, here are the steps to consider.

Determine the Goal You Want to Achieve

This can either narrow your options or open a new world for yourself. For example, some users want to treat insomnia, reduce anxiety, increase their energy level, or improve their general mood. If you’re going to use marijuana for medical purposes, you should contact a professional and check your medical records and health issues.

Be Aware of Your THC and CBD Tolerance

“Entry-level” strains like Pineapple Express are recommended for new users because of their tolerable and mild effects. Don’t try to go above your limits until you’re comfortable and familiar with the use of marijuana; high THC cannabinoids can be potent for recent users.

Recheck Your Medical History

Although cannabis is “just a plant” and is all-natural, it can cause some intense effects. Therefore, if you have any concerns or doubts, ask a doctor about the possible interactions with your pre-existing medical conditions along with potential risks and benefits.

Decide on the Consumption Method

If you’re looking for a way to amp up your cannabis experience, you should try bongs. For inexperienced users, we recommend gummies since the effect takes longer. However, each method of consumption has its drawbacks and benefits.

Check the Legality in Your State

Cannabis laws are constantly evolving; a while ago, cannabis was illegal in many states across the United States. But, now we can enjoy legalized cannabis in almost every state. Some states allow cannabis only for medical purposes, so check out your state’s laws before you use or purchase marijuana.

Cannabis is available today more than ever, mainly for recreational and medical purposes. However, each customer should be aware of the physiological and mental effects of marijuana to choose the most suitable product.

Knowing only the product’s composition is not enough; you should also be familiar with your state’s laws and make sure you don’t go against them. To avoid legal consequences, bear in mind that cannabis is still not legalized under federal law. So, we recommend deep research on the laws of your state since they are changing rapidly.

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A Guide to the Biscotti Strain | Marijuana Dispensary Near Me

With almost double the potency of OG Kush when it comes to relaxation, it is easy to see why the Biscotti Strain of weed is so popular. Marijuana connoisseurs are excited about exploring and trying out different strains, so it makes sense for the Biscotti strain to find its place on your must-try weed product list. 

This indica-dominant hybrid strain is also known to help with a lot of the issues that usually warrant the usage of medical marijuana. So if you are struggling with a medical issue, insomnia or stress, read on as we cover everything you need to know about the Biscotti strain and where to find the best provider for your favorite cannabis-derived munchies! 

What Exactly is the Biscotti Strain?

The Biscotti strain is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with an 80% indica – 20% sativa ratio. Usually, it is derived by combining the Sour Florida OG strain and the Gelato 25 strain. But sometimes, even the Girl Scout Cookies strain might be added to the mix for extra flavor and effects. 

With a THC content of at least 21% (oftentimes going up to 25%), the Biscotti is known to be quite potent and is meant for experienced users who like their high strong and efficient.

Apart from recreational use, the strain is also known for its medical uses, since it is a major relaxant. When consumed, it kicks off slowly, first impacting the mind with a sense of serenity and then continuing throughout the body for maximum effect. The strain is popular for its sweet and smooth taste, too. 

Where Did the Biscotti Strain Originate From?

The “parentage” of Biscotti can be connected to the classic Florida OG — the sour version. The first step to creating the strain is mixing up the Florida OG with the hybrid Gelato 25, descended from the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Sometimes, the regular Girl Scout Cookies strain is added as well. 

Not only do these components explain the sweet-spicy flavor of the Biscotti strain, but they also explain the terpene profile — Limonene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene. Biscotti means “twice-baked” in Italian, meaning the strain delivers a particular punch with an extra hint of sweetness and bitterness. 

The Biscotti Weed Strain Composition

The Biscotti weed strain has 0% CBD; the only psychoactive elements are purely THC. Percentage-wise, the amount of THC can vary. The minimum is around 21%, while the maximum ranges between 29% and 30%. The average percentage of THC content stands at about 25%. 

The Biscotti flower is notably dense, with small buds comprised of dark olive green and purple shades, with an addition of orange pistils and whitish crystals on top. Its appearance, density, potency, and uncommonness make it an exotic strain. 

What Does Biscotti Taste Like?

The Biscotti strain has one of the most unique, recognizable tastes. It’s sweet, like cookies, with a hint of sugar and spice. A stand-out of the strain is its noticeable diesel notes. Users have reported that it tastes like having a snack instead of smoking weed and that it usually takes time to hit once consumed. 

biscotti strain

The Effects of Biscotti Marijuana

There are numerous positive effects of consuming the Biscotti strain. Usually consumed as a dessert, the strain takes some time to exhibit the first symptoms. It usually starts with slight tingling over the entire body, which turns to exhilarating cerebral sensations, and simultaneous excitement and calmness. 

The main effects of the strain are its relaxation powers and ability to make consumers more social. It is not sharp and strong enough to immediately put you in a state of deep relaxation. Instead, it will make you a bit more talkative and prone to laughter. Once this effect expires, the strain will slowly and increasingly relax you and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

Additional Effects and Benefits

In medical terms, the Biscotti strain is incredibly beneficial for people experiencing chronic stress, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Its honey and vanilla flavors do wonders when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety levels, while also making you more social and giggly. Since it is quite strong, it is best to take the strain in the evening, when you’re ready to unwind entirely. 

This is yet another perk of the strain — it helps you fight against insomnia and sleep issues. It also enables deep relaxation and an uninterrupted sleeping cycle. 

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Introducing the Purple Punch Strain | Recreational Dispensary Near Me

Tired of the same old Maryland OG? Are you thinking of trying a unique and innovative strain of weed, characterized by a potent, almost knock-out effect? Whether you are after something tasty and sweet, floral or fruity, or smoke-friendly and calming — the Purple Punch strain has your back! 

As an inventive mixture, the Purple Punch comes with its fair share of remarkable effects and promises to keep you pleasantly high and calm at all times. Keep reading to learn all about the Purple Punch weed — benefits, effects, composition, origin, etc. — and learn where to find a trusted Maryland provider.

Introducing the Basics: What is the Purple Punch Strain?

The Purple Punch strain is a mixture of two old-school hybrids — Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, both famous indica dominants. Purple Punch is indica-dominant as well, with an 80% indica – 20% sativa ratio. 

The strain is recognized for its unique, fruity, blueberry flavor, and the potent combination of physical and psychological high. For many consumers looking for a punchy hit, the Purple Punch is a must-try.

Despite its popularity, the strain’s effects are known to be quite heavy and mainly suitable for late-night relaxation. Most Purple Punch weed products have about 20% of THC, making them quite potent. 

What sets the Purple Punch strain apart is the 1% CBD content — it makes a world of difference for cannabis users hoping to chill and zone out.

Describing Its Origin, Physical, and Chemical Characteristics

The parents of Purple Punch are Larry OG (a mixture of OG Kush and SFV OG) and Granddaddy Purple (a mix of Skunk, Afghanistan, and Mendo Purps). Given that both of these are indica-dominant hybrids, the Purple Punch strain makes the best of both worlds in terms of effects. 

Appearance-wise, Purple Punch is quite light in color, with a fluffy texture, red pistils, neon-green nugs, and orange trichomes. Overall, the average amount of cannabinoids is about 25% to 26%, of which at least 20% is THC and about 1% is CBD. 

Its primary terpenes are Limonene at 8.2 mg/g, Myrcene at 2.2 mg/g, and Caryophyllene at 2.2 mg/g. Its secondary terpenes are Ocimene, Guaiol, Linalool, α-Bisabolol, α-Humulene, α-Pinene, and β-Pinene.

What Is the Flavor of the Purple Punch Strain?

One of the most interesting aspects of the whole Purple Punch experience is its unique flavor. In fact, its flavor is the reason it is known as a dessert strain and why it’s recommended after dinner or before bed.

The Purple Punch strain offers a sweet, herbal aroma that is a combination of grapes, blueberries, and sour grape candies. Interestingly, you can even sense a bit of tart Kool-Aid and muffins in there. 

Apart from the mentioned, notes of lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, and a bit of orange can be detected as well. All of this makes the Purple Punch an ideal substitute for post-dinner dessert. But, instead of giving you a sugar high, it gives you a proper weed high and all the soothing effects you are after.

purple punch strain

The Effects of Purple Punch Weed Strain

The Purple Punch strain is known to hit immediately, especially in the area between the eyes. 

Once it kicks in the head, it slowly spreads down the limbs and all over the body. The effects only get enhanced with time, and consumers can enjoy mindful and physical high at the same time. 

For many, the sensation is almost unbearable, as the strain feels so ecstatic, so it might not be the most recommended strain for beginners unless taken moderately. But, those who suffer from chronic pain can enjoy a period of strong relief when consuming the strain. It also contributes to a wave of relaxation, chattiness, and body ache-free experience. 

Using It to Stay Healthy — Mind, Body, and Soul

In general, the Purple Punch Strain is often used to combat anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, and chronic pain. It’s almost like a sedative that strikes right away and elevates your mood for a while until you move into a more serene sensation that enables uninterrupted sleep and coziness. 

The strain can be taken for medical purposes and is mainly used among athletes to manage muscle soreness and control muscle spasms. All of these properties, combined with the sweet taste and aroma, make the Purple Punch the perfect bedtime “snack” for many weed enthusiasts.

Find the Best Purple Punch Provider: Marijuana Dispensary Near Me

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Sundae Driver Strain: Description, Flavor, and Effects

Most weed strains tend to do one more than the other, yet some rare few can strike both simultaneously. This is where the Sundae Driver strain comes into play. Interestingly tasty and with intermediate potency, Sundae Driver strikes a perfect balance between uplifting euphoria and calming relaxation.

There are countless different reasons why people smoke weed. Still, if we’d have to generalize, the main two usually are to become more energetic and social or to be able to relax and relieve symptoms of chronic pain or mental illness.

If this piques your interest and makes you wonder, “Can I find Sundae Driver in a recreational dispensary near me?” just keep reading! We’ll cover everything that interests you and more!

What is the Sundae Driver Strain of Weed?

Interestingly, the Sundae Driver strain is an almost perfectly balanced hybrid of Indica and Sativa, with a ratio of 50%-50%. Its parent strains are the Fruity Pebbles OG Strain (FPOG) and the Grape Pie Strain. Its THC levels vary greatly, going anywhere between 14% and 24%, even though the lower percentages are far more common.

It’s sweet and tasty, with some unique flavors mixed in, and it’s a perfect after-dinner “dessert” Strain, especially if you’re planning to hang out with some friends before heading off to bed. This is mainly due to the somewhat restrained amount of THC and the Indica-Sativa balance, allowing its effects to manifest a bit of everything usually expected from marijuana. It truly brings the best of all worlds.

Chemical Compounds, Appearance, Parentage, and Growing Tips

A cross from two famous and reputable hybrids, the FPOG and the Grape Pie Strain, Sundae Driver boasts cannabinoid levels of around 20% when it comes to THC and THC-A, but almost no CBD levels whatsoever, although in some cases, up to 5% of CBD has been reported. 

The most potent terpenes are ꞵ-Caryophyllene, at 0.69%, Limonene at 0.6%, Linalool at 0.22%, α-Humulene at 0.18%, and α-Pinene at 0.1%. Appearance-wise, the buds are in the shape of grapes, bright green and olive green, with vibrant purple sections, bright orange protrusions, tinges of red and blue, and numerous crystal trichomes. 

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but the outdoor variant is recommended. It takes about 7-10 weeks for the flowers to appear. However, the seeds themselves are rather difficult to find on the market, making us consider the Sundae Driver strain exotic.


What Kind of Flavor Does the Sundae Driver Strain Have?

The flavor is one of this strain’s most seductive and recognizable aspects, as it combines various fan-favorite tastes and smells to arrive at an almost perfect mixture of delicious sensations. To start with, it’s sweet and creamy, with allusions to sugary fruits like grapes, and candy. It has a hint of earthiness and a bit of vanilla, too.

What sets it apart, though, is the fragrant, deep, rich, bitter chocolate taste that rounds the whole thing out, turning a regular sweet weed strain into an instant classic. Once your taste buds have tasted this dessert mixture, ideal as an after-dinner snack, the first effect will already have started to appear.

All Sundae Driver Strain Effects: Listed and Explained

The effects are mainly what draws marijuana users to the Sundae Driver strain, to begin with, as it delivers equally for both medicinal and recreative users. The first effects are cerebral but won’t knock you out as strongly as other strains would. Instead, after relaxing you a bit, they’ll make you feel euphoric, giddy, and happy, putting you in a talkative and active mood.

At this point, it would be great to enjoy the company of some friends while chilling around. However, after a short while, the more relaxing effects will kick in, slowly making you feel increasingly mellow, preparing you for a long bout of quality sleep.

Recommended Usage Tips

These characteristics make Sundae Driver ideal for people with PTSD, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It’s a textbook mood booster, with some additional sedating effects added to the mix. For this reason, both recreational and medical users might greatly appreciate it. Just indulge in some sundae at the beginning of your evening to lighten up the mood before sleeping the night away.

Maryland Dispensaries Near Me Where I Can Get Sundae Driver Strain

“Is there a marijuana dispensary near me where I could get my hands on some Sundae Driver?” is probably what you’re wondering right now, and we’re happy to answer your question. So long as you’re stationed in Maryland, you can simply order your preferred batch of Sundae Driver or any other strain from our online shop! Make your choice, and you’ll get it delivered to your door. 

We have a rich assortment of weed products including edibles, concentrates, vape carts, and flower. We sell them at affordable prices and ensure a quick delivery. No need to wait — reach out now!

Blue Cheese Strain: What You Need to Know About the Indica-Dominant Hybrid Strain

In the past couple of years, the Blue Cheese strain has become the weed of choice for many who are looking to relieve pain and feel an intense happiness kick. Although the name might be slightly off-putting, the reality is different as this 80% indica – 20% sativa strain delivers a delightful, sweet taste.

The strain packs a powerful punch with hints of blue cheese and blueberry. It’s a delightful combination of delectable cheese and hints of sweet, fruity blueberry. With this hybrid strain, relaxation slowly creeps into you. The next thing you know, you’re in a state of euphoria.

For those looking to try the Blue Cheese strain for the first time, continue reading to discover everything you should know about it. In this blog, Green Gorilla MD will also answer the question many weed enthusiasts ask: “Is there a trusted marijuana dispensary near me, and where is it?”

What Exactly Is the Blue Cheese Strain?

This cheesy strain is an indica-prevalent hybrid with around 80% indica and 20% sativa properties. It’s basically a product of two genetically different parent plants ⁠— the U.K. Cheese strain, which is a hybrid, and the Blueberry, which is an Indica strain.

The Blue Cheese strain, as the result of the crossing of a hybrid and an indica strain, is robust and packs a strong punch of THC, accompanied by a fan-favorite cheese-like aroma. It’s a cross of Blueberry male and U.K. Cheese, giving it a distinct and delicious aroma.

Blue Cheese Strain Effects

Due to the traits of the parent plants, the Blue Cheese will go easy on you and won’t knock you off immediately. One of the properties that this strain delivers is the lingering lightness on the body, making it a highly enjoyable relief-yielding pot with a bunch of therapeutic aspects.

For medicinal marijuana users who have difficulty finding a suitable dispensary and wonder, “Is there a dispensary near me?” checking the native state’s list of licensed weed dispensaries might be of help.

As the feeling becomes more prominent, you’ll feel a slight rush of relaxation taking over your body, making the strain the perfect nighttime buzz.

Blue Cheese Strain

What Makes It Stand Out?

When it comes to the distinctive traits of the Blue Cheese, its aroma, appearance, and flavor are what stand out.

  • Aroma: The single most distinguishing property of the strain is the potent aroma you can pick out from a line of a hundred strains, even with your eyes closed. This cannabis hybrid boasts a cheese-like aroma you can’t miss, but you’ll love it.
  • Flavor: The flavor of the Blue Cheese is different than that of the aroma since it lingers more towards a sweeter side – inhaling it will deliver tropical sweetness, accompanied by hints of spicy and earthy tones, oftentimes musky, too.
  • Appearance: The strain is characterized by modest purplish-blue tones with violet pastels. The bud is coated in resin which yields a shimmering appearance.

Satisfied users like the berry sweetness of the Blue Cheese strain and the lingering aftertaste resembling Gouda or Parmesan.

The Effects of the Blue Cheese Strain

The two most prominent effects of this indica-dominant strain are the feelings of euphoria and bliss.

Some people call the it “the cheesy happiness trigger” and use it as a nighttime buzz, especially after a long day at work. Thanks to its 80% indica properties, users will most likely feel lightly sedated and sleepy as the high begins to wear off.

Regarding the potency of the Blue Cheese strain, its THC level goes as high as 20%, but the average strain of the Blue Cheese will most likely contain 17.5% of THC and a high CBD concentration which can vary up to 2%.

The Medical Benefits of the Strain

This strain is the perfect weed choice for alleviating stress, improving appetite, fending off chronic and acute pain, and repelling insomnia symptoms. The hypnotic effects of the Blue Cheese strain slowly appear with time, which is why many use it to de-stress and kick back after a long day.

Possible Side Effects

As per the unwanted aftermath of smoking a Blue Cheese, some users have reported experiencing cottonmouth and relatively dry eyes, but it’s nothing that can’t be handled by hydrating with a lot of fluids and using eye drops when needed.

Looking for the Blue Cheese Strain: Are There Dispensaries Near Me?

Other than for medicinal purposes, the Blue Cheese strain is used by recreational marijuana smokers for its happiness-triggering feelings and relaxing attributes. So, besides MMJ card holders that can purchase medicinal marijuana at any weed dispensary, casual users that wonder, “Is there a recreational dispensary near me?” can check out the weed shops that sell the Delta 8 variant and enjoy their ride.

For those who haven’t tried the Blue Cheese strain and are getting ready to fly the magic kite for the first time, visit Green Gorilla MD’s online shop. You’ll find a nice selection of edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, carts, and more weed goodies for everyone in the MMJ program. Get in touch.

A Guide to the Ice Cream Cake Strain: Profile, Taste, and Effects

If you happen to be both a weed entusiast and a lover of all things sweet and sugary, there is a list of marijuana strains named after fruits and sweets that are the perfect pick for you. On top of the list of sweet and potent strains has to be the Ice Cream Cake Strain.

Whether you’re a recreational weed consumer, a medicinal user of beneficial buds, or someone looking for a sweet and soothing pain and stress reliever, this strain definitely ticks all boxes.

To introduce you to this exotic strain up close, we created a guide on its benefits, effects, uses, and content information to help you make the most of it. And if you’re looking for a marijuana dispensary near me, read on to find the perfect provider in Maryland!

An Introduction to the Ice Cream Cake Strain

It is an Indica-dominant hybrid of the Gelato #33 and the Wedding Cake strains.

It is a strain known for its sweet, fruity, and creamy taste and for its relaxing and often sedating effects. The composition ratio of the Ice Cream Cake strain is typically 75% Indica and 25%Sativa, with an average of 25% THC content and 0% CBD.

It’s suitable for both experienced users and beginners, but it’s worth noting that it can be quite intense and potent. This may be a good thing since its potency makes it possible to manage escalating moods and surrender to lighthearted fun instead. If you are after the perfect dinner or bedtime “dessert” strain, the Ice Cream Cake strain is the best post-meal treat for your taste buds.

Origin, Physical Appearance, and Chemical Structure

To delve deeper into the Ice Cream Cake Strain, we’d have to start with its parents.

First is the Wedding Cake strain — an Indica hybrid of Animal Mints and Triangle Kush, responsible for causing both relaxation and euphoria. Second is the Gelato #33, a flexible hybrid of Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. Combined, the two parent strains can make the Ice Cream Cake strain a mighty ally for your overall health.

The Ice Cream Cake strain is a medium-tall plant that flowers in about 8 to 9 weeks. It has colorful buds in light green and purple shades, recognizable by their tinges of icy white and rusty orange fibers.

The strain contains about 9.5 mg/g of Limonene, 6.6 mg/g of Caryophyllene, and 1.4 mg/g of Myrcene, in addition to some Linalool, Guaiol, Ocimene, and other terpenes. Its THC levels vary but are always around 25%, while there are no levels of CBD at all, meaning it’s more suitable to excite rather than relax.

What Does the Strain Taste Like?

The flavor of the Ice Cream Cake strain lives up to its name. It’s known for its creamy and sweet taste, with hints of vanilla, nutty dough, cinnamon, orange, lavender, and notes of earthy cheese.

This outstanding flavor composition is  why the strain is considered the perfect weed treat. It can also be easily ingested and is ready to give you an impressive high.


What Are the Effects of the Strain?

The main effects can be divided into three stages.

First, it hits you straight away with a mental, cerebral high. Unlike other strains, the main “goal” of the Ice Cream Cake strain is to eliminate negative thoughts and immediately put you in a good mood. Once you’ve had your fun with it, the second stage follows.

The second stage offers a firm body high that locks you into place, fully relaxing you and eliminating all pain or negative sensations you may have felt before taking it.

The third stage is essentially deep sleep. The cerebral and body high unite to slowly knock you down into a long, peaceful, dreamy sleep session.

Bonus Effects and Uses

The Ice Cream Cake strain is perfect for people with chronic illness, chronic pain, or chronic stress. It is also suitable for those dealing with depression, anxiety, insomnia, or nausea.

Those with insomnia or intense mood swings will find this strain to be the best for relieving any emotional distress. The best time to take the strain is when you want to feel better and relax, so ideally, consume it after a late meal or before heading to bed.

It diminishes hunger, and one of the primary effects it delivers is a feeling of euphoria and bliss.

Dispensaries Near Me: Where to Find the Ice Cream Cake Strain?

Maryland residents or visitors who are looking for a recreational dispensary near me can turn to Green Gorilla MD for the best assortment of products! We boast a wide selection of weed products, including all kinds of strains, edibles, concentrates, and flower — including the ever-popular Ice Cream Cake strain!

Browse through our online shop to discover more options for you, and get in touch with our team to learn about high-quality weed products that keep you positively happy!

Cherry Pie Strain: A Review of the Potent Hybrid Strain

When one thinks of cherries, the first associations that come to mind are sweet, tart, and mouth-watering. If you’re a fan of the syrupy palate, the Cherry Pie strain will offer you just that. This strain type is a potent bud with a high THC percentage with an inviting aroma that will leave you drooling. 

The soothing and uniquely balanced high makes it a definitive favorite among recreational smokers. It is also a popular strain among medicinal users for aiding pain, anxiety, and depression. 

By now, you’re probably craving some cherries and wondering, “Are there any dispensaries near me?”. If so, stay with us as we reveal the crucial deets surrounding the Cherry Pie weed type

The Cherry Pie Weed Family

As often happens, a child gets the best from both parents, and the Cherry Pie weed strain is no exception. A descendant of the strong Sativa Durban Poison and the flavor-packed Indica Granddaddy Purple, this strain is characterized by berry and earthy notes. 

A Close Look at the Cherry Pie Strain Formula

This 60:40 Indica hybrid strain has a THC percentage that mainly depends on the breeding process. THC levels have been tested and rank somewhere between the weaker 16% to the potent 24%. 

The CBD percentage is relatively low — around 1%. However, it still has a relieving effect on users.

The Effects of the Strain

Being a primarily Indica-based strain, Cherry Pie delivers a cheerful mood and acts as an energy booster yet a relaxant (depending on how much you take). Due to the energy rush it provides, it’s better to try this strain during the day and not right before bedtime. 

Some reported side effects include:

  • Dry eyes and mouth; 
  • Excessive thirst; 
  • Dizziness;
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety (very rare).

As with consuming any other strain, we recommend taking a cautious approach and educating yourself beforehand. 


Uses of Cherry Pie Weed

You can use the Cherry Pie strain for medicinal and recreational purposes. These are the benefits of both:

Recreational Use of the Strain

Having a stimulative effect on creativity, Cherry Pie is an excellent choice for those days when you’re hit with writer’s block or are looking for extra inspiration. Waking up the imaginative side, users always choose it because it provides them with energy and gives them a slow and gradual high. 

The Sativa side of the strain does a number on the perception, offering auditory and visual stimuli. Creative and analytical skills are enhanced, and many deem this strain a powerful aphrodisiac. 

Is the thought, “Where can I find a dispensary near me?” buzzing in your head yet? We bet!

Medicinal Use of the Strain

The Cherry Pie weed strain is a favorite among users because it helps them relieve symptoms of many conditions. 

Some of them include: 

  • Physical pain; 
  • Migraines; 
  • Depression;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Anxiety;
  • Stress. 

Cherry Pie provides smokers with balancing and calming, yet at the same time, an uplifting high. It allows for a balanced combination of physical relaxation and mental awareness. It is excellent for relieving headaches and chronic pain and can help with insomnia with the correct dose.

Growing and Cultivating Cherry Pie Strain

This strain feels comfortable in a humid and warm environment with consistent daytime sunlight. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors. If you aim for outdoor cultivation, be sure you live somewhere in a Mediterranean climate. It is relatively easy to cultivate because it is resistant to molds and pests. 

It’s a short and bushy medium-sized plant that requires occasional trimming of the fan leaves to maximize the growth of flowers. The expected yield of light green buds, when grown indoors, is around 16 ounces. 

On the other hand, the yield of this sweet-smelling sticky bud when bred outside is about 14 ounces. The optimal time to harvest the Cherry Pie strain is late October.

The Taste and Smell

If someone is smoking the Cherry Pie weed strain close to you, you will most definitely know. It smells similar to that of a freshly baked cherry pie. The blend of berry and earthy tones gives an intense yet pleasant sweet and sour scent that will fill the room. Don’t be afraid to ask, “Is there a marijuana dispensary near me?” once you get the urge to try this inviting strain. 

Find a Recreational Dispensary Near Me 

If you wish to taste and smell the aromatic Cherry Pie weed strain, visit Green Gorilla MD. The products at our medical marijuana dispensary cater to the taste of both medicinal and recreational users. 

We offer a wide selection of flower deals, marijuana concentrates, and plenty more. Whether your preferences are edibles or prerolls or looking for a different scent or taste, you’ll find it all here. 

You can also try other strains like the exotic Obama Runtz hybrid for a combination of euphoric and relaxing effects. There is something for everyone — no matter how specific your taste is. Shop now!

A Guide to the Blue Cookies Strain: Dispensaries Near Me

The world of relaxing and uplifting marijuana strains is ever-expanding. Yet, whether you are a regular or first-time user, it is recommended you opt for a premium quality product that has been tried and tested by other weed enthusiasts and sold by a trustworthy provider. This is where the Blue Cookies strain steals the show.

This weed strain is ideal for both medicinal and recreational users, which is what many other strains desperately strive to achieve. If you’re interested in finding out more about this weed strain and in finding a recreational dispensary near me, keep reading.

Definition and Contents

The Blue Cookies strain is a hybrid Indica-dominant strain derived from two world-famous and award-winning strains with cult followings of their own — the Blueberry Strain and the Girl Scout Cookies Strain. It tastes sweet, making it a perfect dessert “meal” after dinner or before heading to bed.

The hybrid strain is famous for achieving the two things all weed smokers love — a strong hit with a cerebral high and a powerful sense of relaxation. It has a 90% Indica and 10% Sativa ratio, with THC levels measured up to 25% to 28%.

Subtypes, Attributes, and Chemical Composition

The fame of the Blue Cookies strain has led to the appearance of a subtype of the strain, which is a hybrid of F1Durb (Durban Poison derivate) and Florida OG. The Indica-Sativa ratio in this strain variation is around 70%-30%, but the 90%-10% Girl Scout Cookies-Blueberry variant is much more common.

Apart from having an average THC level of 25%, this strain also boasts a 1%-2% CBD level, which surely influences its overall effects. This hybrid is better for indoor breeding. It requires 8- 9 weeks to flower and yields up to 16 ounces of material per square meter. Appearance-wise, it’s thick, dense, and twisty with resin and frosty details. It displays different shades of blue, purple, and green — hence the name.

Flavor Characteristics of the Blue Cookies Strain

A bud of the Blue Cookies is perfect to smoke, take as edible, or ingested in another recommended form. This leads us to the most important strain aspects — its taste and smell. The Blue Cookies strain tastes sweet, smooth, creamy, and fruity. It’s reminiscent of cherries, berries, and delicious pastries.

Other notes sound in this strain includes candy and orange. But what makes the flavor so remarkable is that it’s one of the most well-balanced flavor profiles. This makes the Blue Cookies strain one of the most well-rounded strains overall due to its famous lineage, quality, potency, and taste.

blue cookies strain

What Are the Effects of the Blue Cookies Strain?

Speaking of quality and potency, it’s time to discuss the actual effects of the Blue Cookies Strain. This strain aims to achieve two things. The first is to elevate your mood, ushering in euphoria and feelings of general happiness. The second is to completely relax you when you need it.

It hits moderately strong, with a cerebral high that causes a buzzing sensation. The effect then slowly descends from the head to the body, turning the initial euphoric buzz into a mellow feeling of peace and happiness. The strain can also work as an aphrodisiac and keep you lovey-dovey for a few hours.

Special Medical Effects of the Strain

The Blue Cookies strain is one of the most famous strains when it comes to treating:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia

Not only does the strain help you relax and sleep better, but it also improves your mood by boosting feelings of enthusiasm and calming you down afterward.

Some of these can be long-term effects of taking the strain, and can therefore help those struggling with mental illness, mood disorders, or chronic muscle pain. At the same time, the Blue Cookies strain is an excellent strain intended for users who want to unwind after a long day.

How To Take the Blue Cookies Strain?

Given the benefits of the Blue Cookies strain, there are various ways to consume it, including:

  • Vapes
  • Pills
  • Oral drops
  • Dry buds
  • Transdermal patches
  • Edibles
  • Topical (cream and balm)
  • Oil

If you opt for a speedier effect, a vape or bud can do the trick the best. Other methods of taking the strain might kick in slowly and show delayed effects. Since it boasts quite strong effects and a hitting high, the strain is best consumed in the evenings when you simply want to relax and chill.

Marijuana Dispensary Near Me: Finding the Blue Cookies Strain in Maryland

If you’re after a serene experience that keeps you energized and relaxed, there are many dispensaries where you can find Blue Cookies strain. Green Gorilla MD is one of the best providers in Maryland. Our weed dispensary is a dedicated supplier of top-quality strains that keep you optimally happy.

Learn more about our tailored offer and head to our online shop to find marijuana edibles, flower, concentrates, and more. Our products come at affordable prices and arrive in discreet delivery packaging at your doorstep. Contact us now to enjoy your very own Blue Cookies experience!

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